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About CAPP – Members, Mission and History

What is CAPP?

Our Vision

Integrated or organized systems of care will drive movement toward providing superior health care for patients, combining high quality and service with affordability.

Our Mission

CAPP promotes the superior performance of our physician-led medical groups and health systems in providing patient-centered medical care that maximizes the quality and duration of life and enhances the health of our patients and entire community.

Our Core Characteristics

We advocate for five attributes of high-performing health care delivery systems

  1. Integrated (or Coordinated) Care: When physicians work in collaboration and coordination with each other and with other healthcare providers, such as hospitals, specialists, and skilled nursing facilities, they can provide superior quality health care to their patients and communities.
  2. Outcome-based Payment: When physicians are paid based on how they improve health and not on the volume of services they provide patients, they are incentivized to get their patients well and keep them well through more effective prevention, diagnosis, and rapid intervention.
  3. Health Information Technology: When physicians use 21st century technology to augment their clinical skills, communicate with one another, and access patient health information at each point of contact, patients receive better, safer medical care and treatments based on proof.
  4. Physician Leadership: CAPP groups and health systems are physician-led, therefore we keep the needs of both doctors and patients top of mind. When physicians provide strong leadership in the healthcare delivery system by taking accountability for quality and service, patients benefit.
  5. Quality Improvement: Through our ability to continually measure and monitor how we improve the health and lives of our patients, CAPP groups can demonstrate our value to our patients and our communities.