At CAPP, we are committed to providing users of this Web site authoritative and reliable information. To achieve our goal of providing online information that is thorough, well-written, accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased, we have developed a rigorous set of ethical and editorial standards and processes. The following is a formal statement of our Editorial Policy.

This Policy describes how information on our site is selected, reviewed, and updated, and what the role of our online professional services is in providing information. In addition, it presents our policies on conflicts of interest. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact our Web manager.

Who we are

This Web site is owned and maintained by the Council of Accountable Physician Practices, a subsidiary of the American Medical Group Foundation. For more information about CAPP, please visit our website at

Why we have a policy

Our commitment is to provide accurate, well-supported, quality information and services promote coordinated care and the improvement of the American health care system. Earning and maintaining the trust of the users of this Web site is essential to our role. Credible and trustworthy information helps to empower people to make informed opinions about the American health care system.

Vendor relationships

We will clearly disclose on the site any significant business relationships between CAPP and other organizations mentioned on our site.

Advertising policy

This Web site does not accept advertising from any source not affiliated with CAPP. We may provide links to other CAPP or CAPP sponsor Web sites that do contain advertising.

Content selection and credibility

Topics to be covered, their emphasis, and placement on the site are determined by our Web site content team. Whether produced by CAPP or licensed from outside sources, our site will contain information that we believe to be credible and up-to-date. We will not make claims without reasonable support.

The content team is composed of CAPP health communicators, writers, and government relations people.

Initial content review

Information authored or produced by CAPP staff for this Web site is reviewed for accuracy by CAPP’s executive team.

Before any content is licensed or purchased for use by this Web site, it will undergo thorough review. We will consider licensing information only if:

  • It is produced by a reputable organization.
  • We approve the organization’s separate editorial policy and review processes.
  • The information meets our standards for thoroughness, accuracy, relevance, and timeliness.
  • The information is based either on scientific evidence (preferred) or, when this is not available, expert consensus.
Continuing content review

Because the politics and marketing around health care is constantly changing, published information must constantly be reviewed and updated. All information authored or produced by CAPP staff is reviewed at least every six months. We encourage you to submit any comments or concerns you have about any information on this Web site by contacting our Web manager at

Editorial independence

CAPP maintains editorial independence. CAPP professionals review and approve information on this Web site, whether it is produced by CAPP staff, or is licensed from outside sources.

Where our information comes from

The information on this Web site is either authored or produced by CAPP staff or licensed from reviewed and approved outside sources.

Authorship, review date, and source identification

We will clearly identify the authorship and source of all information on this Web site as well as its date of authorship, review, or update.

Information produced by CAPP will be identified at a minimum by its author and/or source, and will contain its origination date and/or the date of last review or update, according to the policies of the organization providing the information.

All content produced by CAPP staff or its content vendors is written by authors with generally accepted credentials and/or degrees in their areas of expertise.


To provide you with additional resources, this Web site contains links to other Web sites. However, unless we state otherwise, providing an external link does not imply formal endorsement by CAPP. We will make reasonable efforts to ascertain that linked sites abide by appropriate ethical standards of conduct. While we do select the sites we link to with care, we do not vouch for or assume responsibility for the material contained on those sites.

When you do choose to link to an external site, you will be clearly advised that you are exiting our site.

Updating our editorial policy

As the types of information we produce and review undergo change, we will update this editorial policy. The date of the most recent update will be clearly posted at the end of this document. We encourage you to periodically reread this policy, to see if there have been any changes to our policies that may affect you.

Last updated: March 31, 2011

Contact our web manager

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