Physician Leadership Series

The need for robust, skilled physician leadership in American health care has never been greater. Despite the progress made by the Affordable Care Act, the system remains plagued by problems of cost, quality, and access. We know that the solutions to these pressing and complex issues must come from strong physician leaders, and we have a plethora of literature that details the reasons why. However, we are lacking the “nuts-and-bolts” details on the how-to of physician leadership development.

The members of CAPP firmly believe that strong physician leadership has been a key to the continued success of their organizations. Representing many of the nation’s leading medical groups, the physician executives of CAPP sponsored a series of articles published by Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation  in order to address the specifics of building physician leadership capacity within a medical group or health system at a more granular level.

CAPP is committed to the principle that physician-led, coordinated delivery systems provide high-quality health care that saves lives and enhances the health of our communities. We called on the rich experience of our physician leaders to develop this series with the hope that it will assist other providers with their leadership development strategies in this age of reform.

Accountable Docs Blogs on Physician Leadership