Statement of Independence

CAPP, a 501C (6),  is an independent, non-profit, mutual benefit organization dedicated to improving healthcare delivery in the United States. We provide national leadership in health care delivery through research, education, and collaboration.

Like most non-profit organizations, CAPP approaches the private sector for funding, and companies and industry associations may sponsor CAPP initiatives.

However, acceptance by CAPP of corporate funding is with the understanding that CAPP must maintain its objectivity and commitment to a quality result. A sponsor’s preferences regarding the design or content of CAPP programs or initiatives may or may not be reflected in those programs or initiatives.

Specifically, CAPP does not accept funding that is conditioned upon conducting research in a particular manner, achieving a particular result, or taking a predetermined position on any health care matter.

Sponsor funding is accepted by CAPP only for activities that are consistent with CAPP’s mission and vision. CAPP will not have relationships with sponsors whose principles, policies, or conduct conflict with CAPP values. And, acceptance of corporate funds does not imply CAPP’s endorsement of a sponsor’s products, services, programs, or activities.

CAPP’s corporate relationships are designed and implemented to preserve trust in CAPP, and the credibility and objectivity of its information, priorities, programs, and decisions.