Higher Health Care Quality and Bigger Savings Found At Large Multispecialty Medical Groups

Health Affairs, May 2010

In 2006, CAPP launched a study to analyze linked data from:

  1. CAPP multi-specialty group practices
  2. Medicare claims from Dartmouth’s Medicare fee-for-service claims database
  3. National Survey of Physician Organizations (NSPO) NSPO1 and NSPO2 data on organizational attributes and care management processes at these organizations

The study provides insight into differences in performance across these organizations and the association between better performance and the presence of specific organizational attributes and specific care management processes. The research was led by Elliott Fisher, MD, of the Dartmouth Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences; Larry Casalino, MD, of Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital; and Stephen Shortell, PhD, of University of California, Berkeley.

Resulting publication: Higher Health Care Quality And Bigger Savings Found At Large Multispecialty Medical Groups, May, 2010 in Health Affairs.