On a routine visit to her doctor, Jenny, a nurse and mom-to-be from Livingston learns she not only has placenta previa, a condition where the placenta partially or completely covers the cervix, but also placenta accreta, a condition where the placenta grows into the uterus. Her OB/GYN knows this is serious–so serious, it’s life threatening to mother and baby.

So the OB/GYN refers Jenny to the maternal-fetal medicine specialist at the Billings Clinic Family Birth Center. He assembles a team of specialists and together, they develop a carefully choreographed approach to protect Jenny and her baby.

After weeks of bed rest, it is time for baby Chloe’s debut. The interventional radiologist and anesthesiologist insert special catheters and balloons to control potential bleeding. The urologist then puts stents into the ureters to make sure the other doctors could easily see them during surgery. The maternal-fetal medicine specialist and gynecologic oncologist team up for the delicate caesarian section, which is performed higher on the uterus so not to disturb the placenta. The pediatrician and NICU nurse are on hand to care for the baby. Then the gynecologic oncologist and maternal-fetal medicine specialist team up again to perform a hysterectomy. Even Jenny’s OB/GYN is there to provide moral support. From start to finish the whole procedure took two and a half hours.

Thanks to months of planning and Billings Clinic’s team approach, the birth was a success and two lives were saved. Jenny and baby Chloe are well and happy at home with Dad and big sister, Tess. Just like they should be.